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Our Start

Capital Assets Financial Services is a local mortgage company in the State of Utah.  Capital Assets specializes in hard money or private money loans, however it originates a wide variety of products of which you can learn more about on this site.  From its beginnings in 1979 Capital Assets has been driven by its motto “If it can be done, we can do it!”  Capital Assets and its employees strive to make every deal work if it is at all possible.  Capital Assets originates loans that are as simple as home purchases and can do complicated real estate transactions where there are multiple moving parts that other lenders will not touch either because the loan does not fit within their guidelines or the lender does not have required experience or expertise. 

Capital Assets is led by its owners Rob Haertel and Alma Hansen that have been in business together for 39+ years.  Rob and Alma have been through it all as they began the business during a period of high interest rates and have weathered both the good and bad times in real estate.  Capital Assets is an innovator and cornerstone for the mortgage industry in the State of Utah.  Please join our rich heritage by closing your next real estate loan with Capital Assets.

Why we are different

  • Most experienced hard money lender in Utah – 39+ yrs in business

  • Competitive hard money rates and terms starting at 8% and 2 points

  • Close hard money loans within 24-48 hours

  • Close conventional loans in as little as 10-14 days

  • Best pricing available on traditional mortgages, anywhere

  • Educated staff - 3 MBAs, CPA, JD, professional engineer, and a real estate agent

  • One stop lender - hard money and traditional

Best Hard Money Lender

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Become part of our heritage by calling us at 801-269-9988 and discuss your financing needs on your next big deal!