Hard Money Construction Loans

In many cases, securing traditional funding for a construction loan can take as long as the construction itself.  We understand construction loans well and can deliver when it counts.  Please see our general construction guidelines below.


Loan To Value Up to 75% of cost
Loan Amounts $40,000 - $3,500,000
Term 3 - 12 months
Points 2 - 6 points depending on length and LTV
Rates 8-14%
Types of Collateral Real estate only (residential, commercial, land); Additional security can vary
Up-front fees None
Closing Time As quickly as 2 hours, provided title work is complete.
Appraisal Not required. Property inspection by Capital Assets staff is usually required.
Credit Credit is not a main qualifier for the loan. The majority of our decision is based on the assets involved
Liens First liens only