Real Estate Collateral Used to Purchase Equipment Closed in 24 Hours

Our loans can be used for more than purchasing real estate.  Many times they are used for working capital, to acquire or expand a business, or in this case to purchase equipment.

 Zeni Kinetic, a 3D printer company, needed a small loan to help purchase manufacturing equipment.  The seller offered them incredible pricing if they could pay quickly.  They didn't have time to wait for a bank loan.  They used an investment property as collateral and got their money within 24 hours of when Capital Assets received the application. They were able to purchase the manufacturing equipment at a steep discount because they could act quickly.  

 Zeni Kinetic is a perfect example of a company Capital Assets wants to work with.  It is a growing company in an innovative industry; however, they were in a time crunch and needed money fast.  Capital Assets was able to step in and help them reach their goals.  Zeni Kinetic was even featured on KSL News for the strides they are making in the 3D printing and healthcare industries. Zeni Kinetic’s products are helping save lives. 

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