Hard Money Fix and Flip loans

Hard money is the easiest way to finance a rehab loan. Our rehab, or fix and flip, loans can be used to purchase a home, fix it up, then sell it or rent it out.

Unlike most lenders, we help fund the repair budget. When the loan is closed, an escrow account is set up for your loan. When a job is finished, have the subcontractor send us the bill and we'll pay them directly.

We are very involved in our fix and flip loans. We have been in this business for 39+ years, so if you need consulting, we are here for you. We also love to see updated photos as the project is being done.

We do not do any $0 down rehab loans. Let us know how much money you have to put down, and we will let you know how we can help you. 

Loan To Value 75% of purchase price and 75% of repair budget

We do not do $0.00 down rehab loans.

Loan Amounts $100,000 - $2,000,000
Term 3 - 12 months
Points 2 - 6 points depending on length and LTV
Rates Starting at 8%
Types of Collateral Real estate only (residential, commercial, land); Additional security can vary
Up-front fees None
Closing Time As quickly as 24 hours
Appraisal Not required. Property inspection by Capital Assets staff is usually required.
Credit Credit is not a main qualifier for the loan. The majority of our decision is based on the assets involved
Liens First liens only